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wide view, discrete tilt design

'The Mirage™ rear-tilt design conceals twin edge-mounted tilt rods behind the panels for a discrete appearance. These continuous-linkage hardwood tilt rods are designed to merge with the back of the frame when closed, "vanishing" like a mirage, and resulting in the elimination of up to 99.99% of direct light.

Uniform louver closure is also a feature of the Mirage. Competing designs do not offer this, requiring the homeowner to sweep their hand across all the louvers. With the Mirage™ all you have to do is press the louvers near the position of the user-adjustable StabiLouver™ and the other louvers follow suit.

The Mirage™ is available in panels up to 50" x 133", in louver spacings of 3", 4" and 5", and in full-height or two-section designs. As with all our interior shutter lines, the Mirage™ comes with our life-of-home transferable warranty*.

*See warranty for details

Lightbenders Shutters