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The Homeowner’s Transferable Limited Warranty™

O'Hair Customs™ Interior Shutters


the best shuttersValidation: Homeowners must complete a brief questionnaire (7 questions) to validate the Homeowner’s Transferable Limited Warranty™ . The O’Hair Customs™ dealer from whom you received this information participates (via the questionnaire) in the Homeowner Rated™ program and is identified by displaying the “HR” emblem.

Defect Coverage: O’Hair Shutters, Ltd. will arrange, at no charge, for repair or replacement of components or panels installed by an authorized dealer for defects determined by O’Hair Shutters, Ltd. to be manufacturing defects in the original millwork of the unfinished interior shutter panels. In the event of a product design change, replacements may be made using a later design. Defects in the paint or stain finish (e.g. premature fading) may require refinishing that is chargeable to the homeowner on a pro-rata basis (see Limitations section below). Please note that a slight color shift due to sun exposure is conceded normal wear, not a defect.

Damage Coverage: O’Hair Shutters, Ltd. will supply, at no charge, unfinished, uninstalled components to repair shutters with wood damage* determined by O’Hair Shutters, Ltd. to be minor damage (e.g. from pets, children, and other sources). The cost of finishing and installation of repair components is determined by your O’Hair Customs™ dealer. In the event of a product design change, repairs may be made using components of a later design.

* Damage to the paint or stain finish (e.g. abrasions, slight dents, etc.) is not considered wood damage.

Limitations: Warranty coverage is limited to 10 years on paint finishes and 5 years on stain finishes. Should a finish fail prematurely, re-finishing costs will be charged on a pro-rata basis (e.g. if paint finish only lasts 7 years, O'Hair pays 3/10ths of re-finishing costs). This limited warranty does not cover shutters installed on exterior locations or commercial properties, nor does it cover normal wear typical to residential applications, nor does it cover panels that have been removed, modified, and/or reinstalled by anyone other than the original dealer or other O’Hair Customs™ dealer. This limited warranty is in lieu of all other obligations, liabilities or warranties implied or expressed. In no event shall O’Hair Shutters, Ltd. be liable or responsible for incidental or consequential damage, loss, cost, or expense, whether direct or indirect, resulting from product defects covered by this warranty.

Transfer: This limited warranty is transferable to each owner of the home where the panels were originally installed for the life of the home or the life of O’Hair Shutters, Ltd., whichever ends first. For warranty transfer, the previous owner must register the new owner at or call 800-582-2625.

Service: To obtain warranty service, contact Lightbenders of Mobile at (251) 236-4838.



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